Although Honey Lustre is constantly making new acts for various shows in Montreal, she has also crafted and fine-tuned a handful of performances for international festivals. 

So go on and take a little scroll through Honey's eclectic and pun-filled repertoire.

London Fog

A steamy, earl grey inspired, classical burlesque number set to "Such Sweet Thunder" and "Bumps 'n Grinds".

Don’t worry, Honey has a digital track to accompany this number for when she can’t pack a full jazz band in her suitcase.

Wanna' see the act? Watch it here!

Hanky Panky

A high-energy tribute to the infamous handkerchief code, used in days gone by to flag your sexual fetishes and preferences. Set to 'Filthy Gorgeous' by the Scissor Sisters, Hanky Panky is a number bursting with unabashed PRIDE. 

Is your interest peaked? Watch it here!

Wicked Glitch

The sweet, dark seduction of one shady lady. A gothic cyber witch fetish fantasy set to Kixell's remix of Lana Del Ray's 'Dark Paradise' that's guaranteed to enthral the audience and eerily remind them of the quintessential 90s movie Hackers.

Curious? Watch it here

Merlot Sunrise 

Who doesn't love  a full-bodied red wine? This act is a jazzy sing-striptease paying homage to the song iconic "House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals.

Want to see why Honey is considered a triple threat? Click here.

Jaws Drop

If you're looking for something fun, stupid, and guaranteed to cause a heatwave then look no further. Jaws Drop is  an ode to all that is summer silliness. This act is set to custom medley of various tracks from Baywatch to the Beach Boys. 

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