One taste... and you'll be lusting for more.




She's the busy little bee, that people have been buzzing about.

Honey Lustre is known for her high-energy antics, interesting variety of acts, and sticky sweet smile. Don't be fooled by those golden curls, she's a threatening performer three times over that you can’t help pollen in love with. She's a versatile artist who is sure to wow any crowd, no matter how big or small.

One taste… and you’ll be lusting for more.


Upcoming Festival Appearances:

  • Ottawa Burlesque Festival 2018

Past Festival Appearances:

  • New York Burlesque Festival 2018

  • New Orleans Burlesque Festival 2018

  • Alterna-Tease 2018

  • Toronto International Burlesque Festival 2018

  • Fierce! International Queerlesque Festival 2018

  • Bagel Burlesque Expo 2018

  • Dallas Burlesque Festival 2018

  • Vermont Burlesque Festival 2018

  • Montreal Burlesque Festival 2017

  • New Orleans Burlesque Festival 2017

  • Alterna-Tease 2017

  • Capital Tease Expo 2017