One taste... and you'll be lusting for more.




She's the busy little bee, that people have been buzzing about.

Honey Lustre is known for her high-energy antics, an ‘interesting variety of acts’, and sticky sweet smile.

Don't be fooled by those golden curls, she's a threatening performer three times over that you can’t help pollen in love with.

One taste… and you’ll be lusting for more.


Want to see Honey?

Click here for her event calendar.

Upcoming Festivals:

  • Show Me Burlesque Festival 2019

  • Bagel Burlesque Expo 2019


Past Festivals:

  • New York Burlesque Festival 2018

  • New Orleans Burlesque Festival 2018

  • Alterna-Tease 2018

  • Toronto International Burlesque Festival 2018

  • Fierce! International Queerlesque Festival 2018

  • Bagel Burlesque Expo 2018

  • Dallas Burlesque Festival 2018

  • Vermont Burlesque Festival 2018

  • Montreal Burlesque Festival 2017

  • New Orleans Burlesque Festival 2017

  • Alterna-Tease 2017

  • Capital Tease Expo 2017